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EUROPIA - Building New European Dreams

In a time in which Euroscepticism and Europhobia are blossoming, populist or even nationalist beliefs have found their way into the midst of society and stabilizing values like freedom and truth are at the mercy of constant redefining, it is of great importance to find a new definition of European cultural heritage. In fact, there are already countless creative initiatives of groups in our civil society that ask and provoke questions about social coherence, a future worth living, thus contributing to a transnational dialogue far beyond entrenched institutions.
In a nutshell, we believe that by sparking the intercultural dialogue between our students from very different cultural and socio-economic background, our project will hopefully enable them to see the surplus of the European cultural heritage for their own life and future.

Participating Organisations:  Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium [Germany]; Lycée Polivalent Gabriel Touchard-George Washington [France]; Istituto professionale di Stato per i servizi alberghieri e della ristorazione PAOLO BORSELLINO [Italy]; 2nd Highschool of Agios Nikolaos [Greece]; Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa [Portugal]; Colegiul National SAMUIL VULCAN BEIUS [Romania].


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